About Us

Way before the end of our studies each of us began to look for ideas to start a business. At the end of our studies, Alfred (from Cameroon) had started selling some clothes that his mother sent him from Cameroon and Jabbar (native of Benin) was doing the same with a friend who sent him clothes from Benin. One evening at Alfred’s when we were discussing, we wondered why not get together to create something bigger (having been in the same class for 2 years at the New Brunswick Community College, Dieppe Campus, knew the strengths and weaknesses of each). Everything began at this moment; we brought in other clothes and prepared a photo shoot, all this with the precious help of our friends. Subsequently, we prepared our Facebook page with all the photos taken the day before, and we programmed to be available for 6 pm on February 18th, 2016, on the same day as the international evening of the University Of Moncton. To our surprise, the reaction of people was positive to the point where in 24h we had made 1000 likes, we had hardly slept that night (LOOL). From there, things went very fast; we were contacted by Radio Canada two days later for an interview and the messages kept coming. A few months later we received the award for the Best New Product from Greater Moncton by the 3+ Corporation, which assisted us in setting up our company.

We noticed some time after that our clothes created a link between the different people who wore them. Unintentionally, we’ve created a bridge between different cultures. We will like to be examples for other young people so that they can believe in them and no matter their origin or color of skin everything is possible as long as you believe in what you do.